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Raids, Loot and Progression

Serashan, Jun 14, 11 1:30 PM.

Good afternoon,

        First and foremost I want to thank everyone who has made a concerted effort to help others in the guild progress and to help the guild progress.  Keep in mind this is your guild and it is what you make of it.  If anyone has any ideas of things they would like to see, please inform an officer and we'll talk about the best way to implement it.  I just wanted to take the time to inform you all about some of the things Myself, Colossus, Samarra and some of the other officers have been discussing and where we intend to lead the guild in the near future.  

        We are generally closed for open recruitment.  All friends and family are welcome to join, but cannot expect a raid spot unless recruited for such a position.  All new raid members will be required to be T2 ready at a minimum, as to prevent moving backwards on progression.  We need some mages, and could afford another geared tank.  A couple raid ready healers are also welcome.  Anyone who approaches you about recruitment, please direct them to this website or to an officer.

My personal opinion is that we are not ready for any 10 or 20 content after watching our attempts last night in GP.  The bottom line is we are still under geared for this content as a guild, and 2-3 people will not be able to carry everyone else through.  I still believe that it is in our best interest to dedicate at least one night per week to make a couple hours worth of attempts to continue learning fights in the raid instances.  Even if we're only clearing one boss, that is still T3 loot entering the guild.

Tier 1 / 2 Instances
This will not be a "scheduled" event in the sense that you will be penalized if you save yourself to instances with players who are not within the guild.  Organizing and managing five man instances on a guild wide level requires logistics that we are unequipped to manage, as such - Run five man instances at your own pleasure, but try to include as many guild members as possible before seeking outside sources.  Also, keep in mind that not everyone is wearing full T2, or T1 for that matter, so take the time to help some of the less geared members on the easier instances.  I run T1 instances all the time and don't need a single drop from any of them.  Bottom line - It's not about your personal progression, but the progression of the guild as a whole.

Guild Ranks
Our rank system is in place.  You will soon see some of you being moved up to the rank of raider.  Raiders will be given priority on raid invites and are considered the serious, dedicated members in the guild who are willing to do what it takes to progress the guild as a whole.  Some level 50 guild members will retain the rank of member, due to the fact you are either still new, or have not reached the gear level required to perform properly in raids.  Promotions to the raider rank will be considered on a case by case basis and officers will collectively have the final word on guild ranks.  New members will receive the rank of initiate for a trial basis of a week or two, whichever is deemed most appropriate.

Loot System
We are currently exploring different methods of loot distribution so we are ready to go when the T3 and higher loot starts dropping.  Initially, we will be utilizing, for lack of a better term, a loot council type system.  If you are eligible for the drop, You will send a message to the designated officer with your current gear stating you wish to be considered for the drop.  The officer will consult with the other officers in the raid and a recipient will be chosen or you will be told to roll for it.  All loot decisions lie with the officers and are final.  Officers will make decisions that best benefit the guild and will weigh in many factors on their decision.  There is no 100% fair loot system, so your full cooperation will be much appreciated.  In the future, we will most likely move to a DKP type system.  For now, we need to actually kill a raid boss before it matters.

Personal Progression
It is your responsibility to ensure that you are showing up to raids with the proper specs and consumables that will be needed for the entire raid.  Everyone should also show up with full planar charges, in the event you are needed to spend them on perks etc...  Also ensure that you are healed prior to entering the raid, so we do not waste healer summons.  Everyone should be working toward getting the medic, so we are not a single point of failure.  Take the time to read about the instance and fights and strategies prior to showing up, so you have a general understanding of what we're about to do, so we're not wasting time teaching the same thing over and over.

This should get everyone started and on the right path for now.  Keep checking the forums daily and interact with other members.  Theory crafting will make the guild better.  Ask questions and explore different strategies, because you may have a better idea than the current approach.  All officers in the guild are open to constructive criticism and feedback, so please give us your opinions.  I will be posting some raid information on the forums, so be sure to check it.


Guides and Loot Tables Posted

Serashan, May 23, 11 8:14 AM.
Good morning.  For those of you who are still leveling, and those who are still progressing end game content, I hope you are still enjoying your stay in Telara, and most importantly Veil of Darkness.  I've taken the time to compile a few posts for you on our forums for easier access to some valuable information if you did not know it existed.  Under the member forums, I have posted links to comprehensive guilds for all four callings to include: PVE / PVP Specs & Macros and Leveling Guides.  Additionally, I posted links to the loot tables for all Tier 1 & Tier 2 Experts, plus the Greenscale Blight raid we soon hope to engage.  Please take the time to look over this information if you are not already familiar with it and check back frequently for updates.  Additionally, please take the time to use the forums for any issues or questions that you may have, as this is intended as our main form of communication within the guild.  Finally, please take the time to check on our guild quests, as some of you may not know what we currently need to complete one.  Remember, leveling up the guild provides guild perks for yourself which can be accessed through your abilities button on your menu  bar, under guild perks.  Thanks for all of your great support and good luck in your future progression.

New website and the way forward for Veil of Darkness!

Serashan, May 16, 11 6:35 PM.
Welcome to the new Veil of Darkness Guild Portal website and forums.  Please feel free to look around and provide any feedback for things you would like to see on the new site.  Veil of Darkness is currently a level 7 Raiding Guild that as of this posting clears all Tier 1 dungeon and most of the Tier 2 dungeons.  It is our intent to progress to 20 man raid content, which we are currently fast tracking in doing so.  We will soon begin structurizing the guild more in terms of guild ranks and guild events.  We will be actively using our raid calendar to post guild events so you can easily keep track of when we plan on doing things.  We would like to incorporate a rift night each weekend, and a designated day for tackling progression content.  All of our officers are helpful and will provide you with any assistance you need within reason.  Additionally, it is our focus to help all level 50 members gear to the point of Tier 2, in order to assist the guild with progression and our future goal of raiding.  Good look in your leveling and progression, and I'll see you online.
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